Sunday, September 18, 2011

The nail adventures

I love love love my manicuring class, each day i learn more and more. Its amazing how much I'm learning. Last night i gave my mom and dad a pedicure, and they loved it. I keep amazing myself at how cool it is to actually know the real techniques to do something. I had been doing pedicures for quite sometime but nothing compare to how it's really done. Now that i have all the steps down its piece of cake. So far our proffesor has taught us manicures, pedicures, french tip and flowers. I was really exited to learn to do the french tip with technique. Its supper cool and fun, and i must say the Kolinsky French brush 666 is fabulous. 
The french tip comes out wonderful!
I'll come back when i learn something cool again.

French tip manicure

Pedicure done and French tip

Kolinsky French Brush 666 (I have the black one, but i really want the baby blue one)


  1. I have the feeling you are going to be super successful. You have the passion and talent already! Now you are just learning the "proper" way to do everything. If you lived in NY I would definitely have you as my nail lady!!

  2. thank you, that's so sweet!!! ha ha ha When i go to NY ill definitely let you know lol!