Friday, December 30, 2011

So into stripes and Glitter!

As promise here is another New Years Nail design. Hope you like this idea! Stay tune for my official New Years design! Did a multiple color design mixed with stripes.

Sephora by OPI 'Run With It', Nicole by OPI 'Green Up Your Act', 
'Fell from the Tree', and 'Follow Me On Glitter'

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nicole by OPI Glitter extravaganza

Unbelievable 2011 is coming to an end in less than 3 days. This year has been so special in so many ways. Ill be posting about my year in my other blog so check it out Anyways so thought i would give it a shot and try a pre-New Year nail design. This won't be my official design,  ill be doing fiber-glass nails on my self to give them more length. I got the inspiration to do this design for two reasons. One my friend Liat Nosrati wrote a very interesting article on her website about Glitter polish  check it out at Second inspiration was the one and only New York ball that drops as we cheer to the NEW YEAR!!!

I'm also very obsessed with glitter nail polishes I would wear them everyday if it weren't so hard to remove.
Well hope you like this design. I call it my Nicole by OPI Glitter Extravaganza because my favorite glitter polishes are Nicole by OPI and these are the one's i used. Stay tune for more New Years Designs

Revlon 'Post Trauma nail treatment (can also be used as a Base Coat), Nicole by OPI 'Kendall on the KatWalk', 'Brilliant Idea', 'Disco Dolls', 'Wear Something Spar-Kylie', 'One Less Lonely Glitter', (My favorite black polish Rimmel 'Black Satin', 'Top Coat Plush' and finished it off with 
Nicole by OPI 'Drying drops'

Tip: When these glitter's start chipping try soaking them off in 100% Acetone for a quick removal.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas Eve with their loved one's. I had a great time, my mom cooked a delicious meal. We had Christmas carols playing throughout the day. Watching my little sister open up her x-mas gifts is really what Christmas is all about. 
I love my family and being at home is supper special. 

Anyway I've lacked the Christmas spirit this whole month i had planned to do a lot of nail designs. But ive been supper busy and yesterday i helped my mom cook and clean. But towards the end of the night i did a quick Candy Cane mani on myself. I really like how it came out so hope you like and again have a 
wonderful Christmas.

used: Orly 'Haute Red', Sally Hansen Diamond Strenght 'Diamond' and Mia Secret 'White'

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthday Nails

Hello! Hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays. I sure have the weather is cooler than ever but i love it.

It was my birthday on Monday the 19th, i hosted a small get together with close friends. We had a blast doing each-others mani's and some Just Dance 3 battles. Can't complain it was all so much fun so many friends wished me a happy birthday and everyone who matters in my life was there for me on my special day.

I'm now 25-years-old i have so many goals and ambitions set up for this new year. Anyways here are some pictures of my b-day nails. 

I did Fiber-glass nails to create these dramatic pointy claws then did 3d roses and cup-cakes for the day  for the night i switched it up to this colorful glittery polish 
by Nicole by OPI from the Kardashian Kollection 'Rainbow in the S-Kylie'

The star treatment! (Friends and little sister)

Went with wonderful pastel colors (did a variation of colors for the gradient look)

My new favorite Polish!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let's talk about Orly

I've been M.I.A for quite a while i do apologize but i've been busy with school. 
School is still as great as ever we've been preoccupied learning about bacteria, chemistry, anatomy etc... of nails. I have a lot of pictures to post ill be doing that over winter break. 

I'm supper exited to tell you all about my wonderful experience at Orly International. We went as a school field trip to Orly.

The entrance was really pleasant with Orly posters and a mini Christmas tree adorned with mini polishes (forget to take a picture of it.)  

Catherine Baek (Orly International Inc's Educational Manager) met and told us all about Orly.
I took notes and would like to share the very intresting story of Orly.

We first had breakfast and settled down in a very comfortable theater room.

With a power point and slide show in hand Baek gave an excellent and very educational Orly introduction.

Orly was founded in 1975 in Tarzana by Jeff Pink a beauty supply owner.
Who was interested in his clients wants and needs. At the time L'Oreal and Revlon were the leading professional brands. Pink wanted to create a brand name that would take into consideration his clients demands. 

Jeff Pink

Known for their Bright edgy colors (water base.) He created one of the leaders world wide in natural nail care. Pink named it Orly (which means My light in Hebrew) after his current wife. 
Orly is now one of the top selling and professional nail lacquer in 83 countries.

Jeff Pink is also credited for creating 'The Natural Nail look' well known as 'The French Tip' he wanted to create a clean, natural, classy world-wide versatile nail design for any occasion. 
Named it the French tip after taking it and introducing it to the city of Paris where it was an instant hit. 
He also paved the way for the white-lacquer.

Being the first in having 23 nail treatments Orly paved the way for other professional nail lacquers like OPI. 

 Orly doesn't only have150 wonderful permanent lacquer shades but is also known for its quality and quantity with 20% more lacquer in every bottle. Orly really does think about their clients, their gripper cap is by far one of the best nail polish caps.

Orly prefers to better their products rather than endorsing them. They let the product speak for themselves. 
Celebrities like Barbra Streisand and Cher have given Orly free endorsement by always wearing it.

Orly is always coming up with new lacquer collections but has also introduced the soak-off Gel fx. With 32 wonderful colors they have become one of the top professional and prefer soak-off product.

They weren't the first to come up with them but they have studied the product and market to make it better than other leading products.

I personally love these soak-off gels there's nothing like them. From the size and shape of the bottle to the wonderful colors and lasting shine.I yet have to find another product that can compare to Orly soak-off Gel.

According to Baek Orly Bonder is the #1 base coat chosen by professional world wide. With its rubberized texture it adheres better to the natural nail.

Just got my very first Bonder bottle so can't wait to test it out.

Found it very interesting that the movie 'Saturday Night Fever' was the first to use the products in their film.

I learned so much, i had no idea how Orly has first begun. We then had a a very fast pace tour around the warehouse and production room.

We were also given a demo of how to apply and remove Gels by one of their Techs in a very relaxing spa room.

We then had lunch provided by Orly and were able to enjoy their show room and purchase not yet released nail polish collections.

my purchase including the #1 base coat

 Masks Jeff pink has collected from the places he has visited world wide

Very beautiful my favorite is the purple one

 Awesome display products

I want his collection 'Birds of a feather'

 Class mates over seeing the machinery

 Where Lacquer is deposit to empty bottles

Polish ready to be shipped out
 employee posing for the pic                    

 Production room

Spa room inside Orly where they test out all the products

From the color scheme to the feel of the room is so relaxing
Pedi stations

Vanity mirror
Orly LED lamp (i need it)

Show room (Nail polish Heaven)

More polishes

and more polishes this is where we got to purchase our products

Cristina (friend/classmate and I at the Orly entrance

hope you enjoyed and have learned something new from my wonderful experience

If you want to more about it check out the website

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Glitter Glitter Glitter

Acrylic nails with glitter tips and 3D rose

Soak-off gel nail designs

These soak-off gel designs on natural nails

 Glitter and Zebra print


The Muppets nail challenge

Hey Eveyrone hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving i sure did. My mom cooked up a delicious feast. We watched movies and then eat again the next day. Anyway OPI is having a Muppets nail design contest so this was the first one. I didn't win but i had so much fun doing this design hope you like.

 The inspiration

 My design

Miss Piggy

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Design's i've done in school

These are some of the designs I've done on my class mates or on myself while at school. Hope you like.

 Gradient nails with a hand-drawn half butterfly and a 3D flower

 Mermaid nails decorated with 3D sea shells

 Fiber glass nails with polish a real feather enclosed with gel polish

 Polish with Orly gel fx peacock design

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Hey everyone, i'm planning on starting to do a lot more nail art like before (i will try my best). There's so many design's and blog post that i really want to do. 

I just started using my tumblr it will be a cross between my passion for nail art and my personal life. 
Please follow me on (i will posting nail polishes that i want, re-blogging other peoples work, art, quotes, things i learn in school, and tons of articles related to nail designs etc...

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

My first blog award yay!


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Thanks Frankenstyna for nominating me for this award!  

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember remember the 5th of November!

Today is my 1 year anniversary, from having my surgery and being diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. It's all bittersweet and very emotional. This year has been quite tough, trying to figure myself out. But i'm glad that so far i feel like i discovered a very important fact about myself. Anyways in remembrance i opted to do the V for Vendetta nail design (all hand-drawn.) The funny thing is that this movie has a very popular quote in it. Which is 'Remember Remember the 5th of November" Well it so happens that i will never forget the 5th of November. 
Hope you like this design.

Description: V, the rose V uses to avenge his victims, Evey, Newspaper with remembrance and V's logo

Used: Nicole by OPI 'Razzle Dazzler matte, 'Kourt is Red-Y for a pedi', 'Fell from the Tree', OPI 'Moon over Mumbai, Conney Island cotton Candy, Essie 'Prudence and the Prune', Muchi Muchi, Cabi-O-lait, Orly 'Haute Red' and Rimmel 'Satin Black