Friday, January 13, 2012

Crazy for lines

I've said and ill say it again i love mixing patterns and colors. That is why for today's inspiration i choose one of Project Runways season 8 best designer Mondo Guerra. He is definitely the king of pattern mixing. In one of the challenges they were to design their own pattern that described them. He did this awesome outfit with a plus sign to represent him being HIV positive.

Hope you like my nail design did it all by hand.

My design

The inspiration

Used: Nicole by OPI 'Truth or Lilac', 'I'm a Belieber', Essie 'Over the Edge', 'Master Plan', Sally Hansen Insta Dri 'Lightening' and Rimmel 'Satin Black'

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can't believe its not Black!

School has kept me extremely busy but I've had so much fun doing what i love.

Check out this nail design i did with 3D sculpted flowers on a gorgeous nail polish

Used: Sally Hansen complete salon manicure 'Pat on the Black' and Essie's Luxe effect 'Shine of the Times'

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Je t'aime le French Tip & 3D roses

Busy busy day, but i love it! Things always seem to backfire on me, but in a very good way. I had missed the beautiful and elegant look of the french mani. I had it done at the beginning of this week and i've also been doing it on classmates and clients. It never gets old, i love love love to the gazillion power how sophisticated it looks.
Hope you like these.

Did them on my sweet Japanese classmate AKO 

This client had beautiful natural nails. Used white polish and Orly 'French tip natural' to create an elegant look

Did acrylic nails with white tips on classmate Karen Hinson topped it with hand sculpted 3D roses.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vintage mail!

The days have gotten a bit chilly again. I can wear my new scarves and boots. 2nd week of the Year, so far so good. Re-started school again and in less than 3 weeks i will be done and ready for my exam. Finally got my test date its scheduled for Valentines' Day. Can't think of a better day to be pumped and ready for it.

Here's another nail design hope you like. This one is inspired by these adorable vintage air mail envelopes. I love these i wish people would still send each-other letters with these envelopes. My mom has a stack of old letters that were sent in these crisp envelopes. Hope you like how they came out i will be extending this design to a Valentines day love letter design so stay tune.

The inspiration

These are fiber-glass nail on white tips.
Used: OPI 'Russian Navy matte- and Orly 'Haute Red' with hand sculpted flowers and bow.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nailzzzzzzzz 4 LIFE

I'm supper sick with the flu, but woke up this morning to find an awesome Nicole by OPI 'Nicki Minaj' contest. I just had to enter it! The funny thing is that i had planned to do a nail design inspired by this outfit since i saw it.
So i couldn't believe it was one of the looks for the contest. 

Anyway you all know i love mixing patterns and colors so i had a blast doing this design. Used my shattered mirror and colorful rhinestones.  I hope you like it and if you do please vote for it starting January 17

But regardless of whether i win or not, this was so much fun putting it together. 

My entry! 

The Inspiration

the thumb design was inspired by her rocking heels!

Victoria Secret fashion show 2011

Used: Osaka-TO-ME Orange', 'Need Sunglasses', 'No room for the Blues' and 'Pretty Please Pink'

Used: 'My Lifesaver', 'Khloe had A Little LAM-LAM', 'Give me the 1st dance', 
'Take a Powder Pink' and 'Daffy Dill'

My shattered mirror 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 and 1 year blognniversary

Happy New Year welcome 2012.
Happy 1 year Blognniversary thank you to everyone for being part of my nail passion. I'm so incredibly thankful to everyone who has contributed in my nail art. I will continue to bring you more designs this year. I also feel blessed to have discovered this hidden talent of mine. 
It helped me escape my illness and soothe my depression.

Wow who had a great time last night??? I sure did it was fantastic i felt so blessed to have made it through another year. It was so different from last year in which i spent my new years eve in bed the whole day. Anyways hope everyone had a great time, time for new beginnings and resolutions. I dearly hope all my aspirations, wishes, goals and dreams come true this year! 
I will do the impossible to make them happen.

I'm so exited to show you my new years nail design. I went out of the traditional new years colors and opted for bright bold ones and i love how they came out. I also switched my nail shape from my favorite (pointy) to a square shape it just felt more appropriate for the occasion.Hope you like all my pictures and i love how my lips came out i tried out the Cosmopolitan New Years glitter lip look.

Also Nicole by OPI 'Rainbow in the S-Kylie has become my favorite holiday nail polish!!!

Love my long black hair, sparkly lips and nails.


Used: Orly 'Oh Cabana Boy', Nicole by OPI 'Rainbow in the S-Kylie', and Orly 'Dazzle'