Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dangerous Tips!

It's time to reveal my photo-shoot nails, I did two flower designs with the slanted style, the first is a water marble black with turquoise  hand drawn roses. Which i love how it came out, hope you enjoy as well.

The next flower design is a shatter look also with hand drawn roses layered with tiny gold beads gives it a pop on those pale roses with the slanted nail style, Hope you like.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A walk on the wild side

 In the mood of zebra stripes

Used: Nicole by OPI 'Drama in the Dark', Sally Hansen 'Blue-Away', 'Brisk Blue'

dark blue NAils

A very dark blue paired with bright flowers!

Used: Nicole by OPI 'Wavy Navy' and 'My Lifesaver'

Friday, May 20, 2011

The shades of Purple

My cousin got her nails did by ME for Prom!  Used different shades of purple to create a cute leopard print with a rose. Hope you like

Used: Nicole by OPI 'I'm a Belieber', 'One less Lonely Glitter', 'The Grape Debate', 'Show you Care', 'Give me the 1st dance', 'Fell from the tree' and Revlon 'Lily'

Monday, May 16, 2011

Locked in Chains!

Hello everyone i'm supper exited to reveal this post particularly because this design was made specially for a photo shoot. It's completely hand drawn with rhinestones + nail piercings (Chains)! Believe it or not I had this idea of the chain nails way before Lady Gaga came out with her 'Judas' Video in which she flaunts 'Chain nails' hers are just as amazing as mine lol! I'm very proud of how it all came out and hope you like them just as much as I do.

Friday, May 13, 2011

vintage flowers

I saw this odd nail shape and thought i should try it! Did a kind of vintage black wallpaper with flowers. Hope you like.

Used: Rimmel 'Black Satin'

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream

Here comes my sweet nail design. It's inspired by all those tasty ice creams. We have the Neapolitan ice cream sandwich, The chocolate bar, the mint and chip ice cream cone (my favorite), the one of a kind vanilla ice cream, and the drumstick. What more could you ask for! Hope you enjoy my tasty treat!

Used: Essie 'Coat Azzure'

Purple rose

I'm working on a project so i haven't been able to paint my nails. But i couldn't resit my new Essie polish and i wanted to mattify it. (Yes it's a word) meaning: It basically takes out the gloss from the polish. Anyway so i tried it on my thumb and i must say, i love it + i added two purple roses and it looks fantastic. I will do the whole creation some other day. But hope u like.

Used: ESSIE 'Master Plan', 'Matte about you', and Nicole by OPI 'The Grape Debate'

Press on nails anybody?

What do you think about press on nails??????? I never liked them that much , until now!! They are very convenient when your nails are too short to design. So i bought some clear short squared press on nails. Painted them and design them and i must say they look pretty real.

Used: Press on Nails and Essie 'French Affair'

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My little black nails!

Ever since I saw the power of Essie 'matte about you finisher' i knew i had to have it and do this design. It was so hard to find it but, i'm supper thrilled, and it was the last bottle left. So i saw this design online and it looked so classy and sophisticated. It's a leopard print that could go with rock n' roll or a prom kind of theme. Anyways love how it looks. Hope you like!

Used: Sephora by OPI 'Never Enough Shoes' and Essie 'Matte about you'

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The good old days, meeting deadlines, figuring out questions to ask and interviewing sources those are the things i miss the most specially when my stories would make it on the front page. Anyways I've been wanting to do a newspaper design for a while. I was going to do and all free-hand design, but didn't know how to captivate the true essence of a newspaper until now. I found some really cool tutorials on YouTube that explain how to do it. So though i would give it a try. All the tutorials had the writing part but i wanted to experimented with the comics and it worked love how my snoopy came out. Hope you like.

Used: Sephora by OPI 'Run with it'

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bluish flowers

Mixed a deep bright blue with, flowers and I love how it looks.

Used: Essie: 'Beach bum blu'