Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blingalicious Toes with Andielapirata

Have been meaning to do a blingalicious pedicure ever since the trend came out. Hadn't had time nor the stones to create this look until now.

Used a Frosted pearl pink Orly 'SeaShell' and blinged out the toe with Real Swarovski crystals
Expensive look but worth every dollar!
Check it out!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Well Hello there Kitty!

Just did a midnight manicure on myself with these adorable metal Hello Kitty's that i bought! This is a complete Orly Gel FX manicure. I hand-drew the flowers, love how Haute Red is so vibrant. I custom made the accent nail color using Orly's White Tips and Bare Rose. It came out very peachy.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Groovy Baby

Hello, hello I'm back and with a brand new nail design haven't seen it anywhere else. So here's to making it the latest nail trend lol! I created a tie-dye nail design, very groovy! This an all Soak-off gel manicure 'Orly Gel FX' first i did the blue base then i created a spiral with all the colors in the middle and lastly dragged each color into one another. I absolutely am completely in love with the final results. As soon as i get my hands on bright colors like Yellow or Orange ill create a much colorful one. But this one is very subtle and cute perfect for work. Check out my natural nails they finally grew and look so beautiful except for the middle finger it broke :(

Here are some pictures of the colors and tools i used. 
Also here's another picture of my wonderful Orly Gel FX LED lamp.

Peace & Love

All hand made

took me a while but i managed to do it on my right hand

 Colors used

the perfect tool for fine streaks Orly Detail-er brush

Here's a zoom view of the detail-er brush (YES it's extremely fine)

And last but not least my wonderful, fantastic Orly Gel FX LED lamp i will be writing a review on it so stay tune for that post