Monday, January 31, 2011

Salon Effects Review

Bought the New Sally Hansen Salon effects, they have really cool patterns for a quick manicure. But I found it to be a little pricey for $8 (call me cheap but that's a little too much.) It was a bit difficult to find the right size for my nails. It felt like i was putting on stickers and it only lasted about one day. Then it kept peeling and falling off. They take the fun out of a manicure I prefer doing it the old fashion way.


Holiday Designs

Designs inspired by the wonderful Holidays
Holiday water-marble OPI contest 

Christmas 2010 OPI contest

Shades of Blue

I call it my rainy days inspiration.

A hint of Lime

I love using bright colors and flowers that is why Opi's 'Pooltime Lime' made a perfect base color.

Catch that Cab!

'The Cash Cab' inspired Nails

You get the best of both Worlds

My little sister Brigitte was non other than Hanna Montana for last years Halloween. She had the whole wig and dress going for her so I did her nails exactly like her dress.

Fruit Salad Yumi Yumi!

'Insalata di Frutta' was done with different shimmering polishes and these adorable decorative fruits.

Midnight Roses

Midnight Roses was the first design in which i did Roses.

My Life Saver

I'm not a Justin Bieber fan one bit! But when i heard OPI was coming up with 'The Lonely Girl' Collection I was ecstatic the colors are wonderful specially 'My LifeSaver' which is the only color i own so far.

Since the color is so beautiful on it's own, I didn't want to do much to it.

Tonight's the Night

'Tonight's the night. And it's going to happen again, and again.' -Dexter

My Bow

'My bow' is another of my special designs I did it right after I found out I had Thyroid Cancer it was dedicated to my missing thyroid which I  named my bow.

Flower Power

This was one of the first designs that I did.

The boy who lived!

Being a Harry Potter fan it only felt right to do my nail design on Harry. I painted Hedwig, Harry, the Gryffindor colors and the Nimbus 2000 For the midnight showing of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

My 24th birthday Nail Design

This Nail Design is one of my special designs, I dedicate this design to myself on my 24th birthday, I painted birthday elements and even did a self portrait. I used OPI's 'Italian Love Affair'

Oriental Sensation

My Korean fan was the inspiration for this design I used Opi's 'Amazing Lazing Lilac' and 'The Grape Debate'

Leopard Print

Did a leopard print with a rose got my inspiration from the cool Betsy Johnson designs. 

Psychedelic Vibe

Mucha Lucha Hello Kitty inspired nails, Used about five colors to create different patterns.

Blast of Kolor

 Firs nail design is a mixture of colors using the gradient effect and a shimmery polish as a top coat with hand-painted red flowers outlined in black. I love how the whole picture came out specially my Indian hand crafted Camel.

A Nail Polish Story

Hello and welcome to my official nail blog. I will be posting my latest nail designs which i intend to do at least once a week. My nail themes and inspirations are random, occasionally I will try to do themes according to special occasions or holidays.  I will also post just about anything that has to do with nail polish.

I'm completely self taught i love experimenting with colors, patterns and designs. Any brand of nail polish works with me but my favorite's are Opi.

My passion for nail polish started when i was in elementary I remember begging my mom for those books that use to come with 6 kids polishes (the non-toxic peel one's)  and had step by step on doing a lady bug, flower etc...... 

But i never got the damn book but she started buying me real polish and I would just paint my nails with wacky colors and would dread painting my right hand lol.

I continued my passion all through middle school and high school when i reached college it was once in a while. But since i have been recovering from my Thyroid Cancer surgery i have begun to do it as a way to escape my stress and depression. My nail art has become my main hobby and i plan to further it by going to school to get my nail technician license. 

Anyways I hope you enjoy all the designs i plan to do.
I want to thank everyone who has ever given me a nail polish as a gift and my sister Andrea for coming up with the creative tittle for the blog.