Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to designs

I'm slowly but surely bringing back my nail designs. My days are still a bit busy trying to find my true path with this new career. But i'm trying my best to find inspirations for my nail designs. So far the days have been very wonderful with occasional cold days. But Spring is definitely in the air. 

I'm working a lot with pastel/bright colors, patterns and my 3D acrylic sculptures.  I will bring back theme designs to show-off my skills. I'm also trying to expand my portfolio with soak-off gel designs. In the mean time hope you like these two recent designs.

My first hand-drawn lace design with 3d art and ombre color

Used 3 different shades of Orly Gel Fx to create a gradient look added flowers and dots.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines day to me I'm a nail tech!!!!!!!!!!

The best Valentines Day ever, I'm an official nail technician. I've reached my goal.

Hey everyone I've been completely M.I.A for a very long time but I was dealing with the last days of school and studying for my state board exam. I'm completely fried i have studied like crazy from Anatomy, chemistry to dermatology. and everything about disinfecting. I was so nervous that yesterday I sat from 12pm to 1am reading my entire My Ladies nail book. 

The test was not as hard as i thought but it was so stressful and i really thought i would pass out. Anyways I'm overjoyed its an incredibly feeling. This whole career is very important and special to me. Because i discovered that this was my passion upon being diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I'm so happy that something so amazing came out. Now i truly believe things happen for a reason. When i first began beauty school i was so scared. I remember the first month was so hard to adjust. My medications weren't working and i couldn't seem to adjust to a new routine. But i pushed myself and i completed my 400+ hours and now I'm an official nail technician. Thank you so much to my family and to all my friends who have been my guinea pig all these months. I'm truly grateful and feel very blessed to have had such great support. Also I'm so proud of all my class mates they all passed as well.

While in school i met incredibly class mates who have become great friends. I also want to thank my wonderful teacher Terry Cao he was amazing. He taught me well and gave me such great advice. I can't wait to start my new career.

can't wait to start doing my nail designs.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Blingalicious nails

Like i said in my previous post i haven't been able to do nail designs on myself. I've also failed at my Friday post. But I've had the opportunity to do some great work. Hope you like

White tips with glitter stars

Acylic nails with rhinestones and 3D roses

I did it 400 hours completed (almost there)

I've been completely M.I.A for quite some time. But i've been concentrating on school. I'm so thrilled and happy to announce that I finished school yesterday with 423 and 3/4 hours. I will miss it so much but its time to move on and make something out of it. This is only the first step i won't be completely happy until February 14, 2012 i will be taking my state board exam so stay tune for my results.

My certificate

                                                                 did a collage for my class

This was such a fantastic class and i give my teacher Mr. Cao a 100% he taught me well.

I have learned so much and have gotten so many great advice that i shall live by.

For now i have some major studying to do and resting. I'm completely tired. 

P.s i haven't done that much nail art because my nails are completely ruined from all those mock tests

But as soon as i can i will bling them out.