Friday, February 3, 2012

I did it 400 hours completed (almost there)

I've been completely M.I.A for quite some time. But i've been concentrating on school. I'm so thrilled and happy to announce that I finished school yesterday with 423 and 3/4 hours. I will miss it so much but its time to move on and make something out of it. This is only the first step i won't be completely happy until February 14, 2012 i will be taking my state board exam so stay tune for my results.

My certificate

                                                                 did a collage for my class

This was such a fantastic class and i give my teacher Mr. Cao a 100% he taught me well.

I have learned so much and have gotten so many great advice that i shall live by.

For now i have some major studying to do and resting. I'm completely tired. 

P.s i haven't done that much nail art because my nails are completely ruined from all those mock tests

But as soon as i can i will bling them out.

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