Thursday, September 1, 2011

My wonderful day at OPI

 Supper exited and thrilled for you guys to read about my wonderful OPI experience and tour. 
I've been dying to tell everyone all about it.

 August 15, 2010

I just had the experience of a life time, at one of the most incredible places making this day one of the most amazing days ever!

Last month i received an email from Crista Funk (OPI Interactive Media Coordinator) telling me that she loved my work and if would like to be The Spotlight blogger for September. I couldn't believe it, honestly i had to read it about a million times to actually make sure it was real.

OPI (my favorite nail polish) contacted me to be the Blogger of the month (September) seriously how cool is that!

Did my nails in my favorite OPI polishes along with my very first 3D flowers
check out my interview mani.  

Used: Italian Love Affair and Do You Lilac it?

So today Monday August 15, 2011 I headed to meet Crista at OPI. at first I was feeling cool and completely confident until I reached the OPI  door, I got anxious and nervous. But meeting Crista eased my anxiety she was so extremely nice and immediately gave me a tour of the hallway filled with OPI adds through the years (they were so cool totally 80's.) After the hallway i couldn't believe my eyes there were amazing OPI polishes all over the cubicles. Then i got to see an actual room for techs where Crista said is where they test out the polishes (I want to test out the products lol.) She then showed me by far one of the most coolest room; a room completely stocked with non other than all the OPI collections, products, acrylics etc... (I was in OPI heaven.)

After that she gave me a tour of the cafeteria (which i would of never thought they had, all very modern, spacious and fresh) We then met with Bernd (Director of Special Projects) he gave me a brief history of the company. And also let me know that Nicole by OPI is named after George Schaeffer (President and CEO of OPI) daughter Nicole (how cool is that, having a nail polish named after you) Bern also explained how OPI began as a dental supply business and how Schaeffer realized that the acrylic “porcelains” used to make dentures were similar to and, in fact, even better than the materials used by Nail Professionals for crafting acrylic nails. (Which i would of never guessed) As we overlooked the factory buildings he pointed out to one of the bungalows. And explained, how that bungalow was the very first building in which they would do all the products (and still keep the original OPI logo) 

We then walked over to a bungalow in which they put the lacquer inside the Nicole By OPI bottles we had to put some safety goggles on due to dust and it was extremely noisy. Once inside i got to see the machinery and employees doing the whole process. Empty bottles Nicole by OPI bottles get air sucked out of them and then 2 little metal beads get deposit into the bottles then comes the lacquer (i believe they were filling up the bottles with 'Enchantress' my guess) After that the bottles get their brushes, the sticker on the bottom, checked and boxed over to be shipped. 

After that we went across the building to yet another building that happens to be OPI as well. As we were crossing over Bern told me how OPI had donated the traffic light at the intersection of Saticoy and Ethel Streets to city.  The building we went into is where they design, make and test out the UV lamps. I then got to see where they store Nicole by OPI lacquers and Sephora by OPI in boxes (again it was heaven) and where trucks come to load and stock up on all these wonderful products. The tour was sensational i had so much fun learning about OPI. 

After all that Crista and I headed back to her office and i got to see her wonderful collection of polishes (I believe she has all of them so she can keep track of which color is which. To my surprise i discovered that Crista is charge of the Nicole by OPI, OPI and twitter accounts; All by herself (so keep in mind next time you ask a question on one of these sites and don't get a reply back asap)  That's a lot to handle for just one person and she does a hell of a job. 

Crista then interviewed me in this room that had colorful portraits and drawings done by Nicole Schaeffer herself. (The interview was so much fun, it felt good being the one interviewed rather than interviewing)

I then got to have lunch with Crista in one of the meeting rooms. We spoke about her amazing job, the wonderful polishes my favorite colors her favorite colors. It seriously felt like i was out with one of my closest friends she was supper sweet, nice and so welcoming. All my Lacquer questions were answered. I did Mani's for Crista, Jenny (Designer she creates the wonderful art on the blog) and Jen (advertising and interactive media manager) they all choose what they wanted Crista wanted cupcakes, Jenny a nude color topped with pastel leopard print and Jen asked for a tribal design (which i had never done before so she was my first) They were all so wonderful seriously all these girls were incredibly sweet, they welcomed me into their work place and i just felt so special to be part of their day. It was such an incredible day and I'm so unbelievably thankful.

After that Crista took me back into OPI heaven in which i got to choose and keep colors for myself. Choosing was extremely hard since all the OPI are so wonderful. But these are the ones I chose.

San Tan-Tonio, No Room for the Blues, Need Sunglasses, Are We There Yet? and Get in the Expresso Lane.

Sensational Scarlet, Girl Talk, "Baby" Blue, Truth or Lilac and Change the World.

and i also got these other products
Lint free nail wipes, Expert touch lacquer Remover and OPI Avoplex nail cream

for more background on OPI check out the site

Check out my Nicole by OPI interview in another post

for a complete gallery of my work
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  1. Awwhhh....AGAIN, soooo proud of you! I'm so happy that you got to experience this adventure! Now you really know how truly special you are!