Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm finally a manicurist student!

Hello to everyone, how are you guys? I'm doing good supper happy about almost everything in my life. I've been preoccupied and haven't been able to post any nail designs but i promise to try my best to post something this Friday. So i finally started school last week, i'm adjusting to incorporating myself back into society but i love it. My manicuring class is amazing my professor is so cool, and all my class mates are supper chill and friendly. don't have anything bad to say about it. I just love it. I just love it, i had to buy a manicurist kit and i love that too. It brought 2 OPI polishes that i didn't have so i was exited about that. I can't believe i'm finally doing this. As soon as i begin doing actual acrylic nails ill post pics. For now we just began to do manis and pedis with technique which i was a bit off. But now i'm learning and i'm really happy about it.

In the meantime i have to start practicing more often so who ever wants to be my Guinea  pig just howler!


  1. That is so amazing! Congratulations hun!! It is great that you are doing something that you love to do. How long do you have to be in school for before you get a license? I am considering getting in the field too.

  2. thank you! My class runs from September 6-February 5th (i believe) and i need to complete 405 hours. If your passionate about it you should give it a try i'm personally loving the whole experience.