Friday, July 6, 2012

A twist on the classic French Tip

Lately most of my clients have asked for French tip and my own mother personally loves French tip with a twist. A pink line above the tip, glitter, accent nail etc... My nails have finally grown and look fantastic I've been strutting the square shape for a while. Did a fourth of July nail design that made me fall in love with the French tip. Everyone kept asking if they were acrylic nails. My answer NOPE these are my natural nails. Feels good to say that lol. 

Anyways my boss at the spa loves French tip specially black tip with gold glitter. I was never to fond of it until i tried it on myself. Let me tell you I love how this design came out. It can go in any direction looks goth, classic, elegant. pretty, sophisticated, professional , romantic etc...

This is an Orly Gel Fx nail design (soak-off gel)
everything is hand-drawn (no stickers) with glitter.

I'm officially ambidextrous i've master doing both my hands French tip (quite a challenge)   

Roses on thumbs too

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