Friday, July 6, 2012

Can you 'Feel the Vibe'

You better be wearing sunglasses coz these colors will blind you. 
 I finally found time to sit and write this review on the new Orly summer collection 'Feel the Vibe'. So far I've bought the brightest ones out of the entire collection. Will probably buy the blue one but not the white or black one. Which i wish they would of added a purple and green rather than the white and black.

Here's the entire collection

Anyways i'm completely in love with this collection its extremely loud you don't even need a design. These colors speak for themselves. I bought 'Glowstick', 'Beach Cruiser' and 'melt your Popsicle' 

This is exactly how bright they are no filter no photo-shop their extremely bright. 

my clients are also obsessed with these shades. 

These aren't like most bright neon colors that look amazing but when applied go dull and dark. 
These actually are a true match to the bottle. 
I recommend to use CND Supper Shinny top coat. 
It really works fantastic with these colors. 

Beach Cruiser mani pedi

manicure on myself with 'GlowStick'

Pedicure with Glowstick

Pedicure with 'Melt your Popsicle'

Aren't they out of this world amazing? 
FYI Keep in mind that these colors look different on depending on your skin tone.

If your fair skin the color will look a lot less brighter than that of a darker tone. 
So ring in the summer with these bright shades. 

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