Friday, April 13, 2012

the begining of Acrylic nail designs

I'm back I've been m.i.a for quite some time. Just started a great new job in which I'm extremely happy. Haven't had time to do that many designs. Anyway if you follow me on my facebook nail page Karla Nail Design you will know that i just purchased my first Organic Nails collection 'African'.

A little about Organic Nails from what my friend and former class mate Jackie Lopez taught me.Organic Nails is an acrylic system i believe its a well known Mexican brand. Pricey but very good quality the color pigments are very concentrated and always have true colors. I hadn't been able to purchase any but i finally did.. I bought the 'African' Organic Collection which is exactly like the name. Its these gorgeous wild, intense and very fierce colors.

My 'African' Organic Collection

Another friend of mine Saki loves long stiletto nails and forward me a picture of Anna Del Rey strutting these awesome nails.

I will be doing them on Saki really soon but wanted to freshen up my skills and came out with my version.

I must say for being my first time there not that bad

I used the Red 'Canoe' from the 'African' Collection of Organic Nails 

On the index finger i did a 3D design and encapsulated it.

 Final product came out gorgeous

For more info on Organic nails check out the official website

and make sure to watch some of their educators tutorials.


  1. I love those glam nails! =)

  2. Very gorgeous but a lot of work!