Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember remember the 5th of November!

Today is my 1 year anniversary, from having my surgery and being diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. It's all bittersweet and very emotional. This year has been quite tough, trying to figure myself out. But i'm glad that so far i feel like i discovered a very important fact about myself. Anyways in remembrance i opted to do the V for Vendetta nail design (all hand-drawn.) The funny thing is that this movie has a very popular quote in it. Which is 'Remember Remember the 5th of November" Well it so happens that i will never forget the 5th of November. 
Hope you like this design.

Description: V, the rose V uses to avenge his victims, Evey, Newspaper with remembrance and V's logo

Used: Nicole by OPI 'Razzle Dazzler matte, 'Kourt is Red-Y for a pedi', 'Fell from the Tree', OPI 'Moon over Mumbai, Conney Island cotton Candy, Essie 'Prudence and the Prune', Muchi Muchi, Cabi-O-lait, Orly 'Haute Red' and Rimmel 'Satin Black



  1. I randomly came across this post, and I love this design, serious props on the nail art. You are so strong!