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Next Stop Israel this one is specially dedicated to my friend Liat Nosrati

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Top Ori, Felafel humus and tomatoes, Flag/Camel, Dead Sea, Wailing Wall

 Liat has her on very cool online magazine 'Tini Zine' check it out and join me in learning about Israel.

A Day in Israel

By: Liat Nosrati

Tini Zine has found a way to combine our love for Israel with our love for outrageous nail art! We have teamed up with nail artist and blogger, Karla Sorto, to create the ultimate portrayal of “Nail Art: A Day in Israel.” Each nail features a different aspect of Israel that we feel is important for non-Israelis to be exposed to. We will describe each hand-drawn image that is adorned on each nail and explain why it’s important or interesting. Here we go!
Thumb: The image drawn on the thumb nail is the Israeli flag with a camel peeking in on the side and the word “Israel” spelled in Hebrew just under that. The Israeli flag is very well known and can be spotted in places across the world. Although camels do not roam all over the country, they can be found in the Negev Desert in Israel and yes, you can totally ride them. Camels are actually working mammals, they work for the Bedouins who, a majority of them, live in the Negev Desert.

Index: One of Israeli’s favorite dishes to eat is Falafel, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on the nail of the index finger, a nice big plate of Falafel Balls. Falafel balls are made of chickpeas that are ground up, rolled into balls and then fried. Falafel is usually served in Pita Bread with pickled veggies and drizzled with Tahini sauce. It is a very popular street food but it can also be found in restaurants all over Israel as it is considered the national dish of Israel.

Middle: The face of our favorite Israeli Comedian, Ori Hizkiah, can be seen on the nail of the middle finger. Hizkiah gained increased fame in the past few years for being on the popular Israeli television show, “Hardly Working.” He is very well liked among the younger generation yet still highly recognized among the older generation because of his ability to joke about every-day situations that most people will find themselves in. The majority of his jokes are in Hebrew, however, many Americans are attracted to his stand-up acts because of his knack for utilizing body language to execute most of his jokes.
Ring: The Wailing Wall is one of the most important parts of Israel and that is why you will find a drawing of the Wall on the nail of the ring finger. The Wall, known in Israel as the Kotel, is located in Jerusalem and was constructed at approximately 19 BCE. It is one of the most sacred places in Israel and it is said that the Wall is warm to the touch, even in the dead of winter. The Kotel is a very prominent prayer site and thousands of people write letters to God each year and roll them up to stick them in the cracks of the Wall. Although you will find many Jewish people at the Kotel, people of all races, colors, religions and genders visit the Wailing Wall.

Pinky: The Dead Sea is a common tourist attraction and is also the drawing on the nail of the pinky finger. The Dead Sea, also recognized as the Salt Sea is located on the border of Israel and Jordan. It is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, which is why you won’t find any living sea creatures in the Dead Sea and also why you shouldn’t go into the Sea with any cuts or scrapes. The surface of the Dead Sea is about 423 meters below sea level, making it the lowest elevation on Earth. It is also the deepest Hypersaline (body of water surrounded by land) lake in the world. Various cosmetics companies actually use the minerals found in the Dead Sea as a main ingredient in their products. Well, that just makes the Dead Sea all kinds of interesting, doesn’t it?

 We hope that you learned many things about Israel that you find fascinating. Israel is a beautiful place full of life and whimsy so we recommend that next time you find yourself in Israel you go to, see and visit all of the attractions that were mentioned in this article. A trip across Israel on a group of nails is fun but nothing’s quite like the real thing. Happy Traveling from, Karla Sorto and the Tini Zine Team.

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