Monday, July 25, 2011

I was interviewed by Tini Zine (so exiting)

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Nail Art Gone Cray Cray 
by: Liat Nosrati

 July 25, 2011 

Back in the day, girls could get away with sporting a regular old solid color on their nails and it would be considered “fashion forward.” Those days are long gone, though. Now it’s all about the nail art, like what masterpiece you can draw on your nails, what brand nail polish you’re using and how exclusive that color is. Nail art has become a total craze and people all over the world are taking advantage of it. These days you can’t see a female pop star’s music video without a quick close-up on her nails; and unpainted nails? Please, don’t be silly.

Nail polish in general has become such a necessity that pop stars like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are cashing in on it (Bieber has a line with Nicole by OPI and Perry with OPI). Getting your nails done at a professional salon, however, isn’t quite as necessary anymore. Young girls from every corner of the Earth have taken it upon themselves to become self-taught nail artists. There are hundreds of nail art blogs all over the world wide web and even more video tutorials can be found on YouTube.

In the recent several months, 3-D nail art has become a particularly sought after variation of nail art. Featuring huge, diamond-like rhinestones and three-dimensional pieces of fruit on the nails, it is almost ridiculous to see yet still, very popular.

Tini Zine caught up with blogger Karla Sorto, a self-taught nail artist who has been running her blog for seven months, to ask her some questions about this nail art takeover.

TZ: How did you get into nail art?

KS: I’ve always been interested in nail art but I didn’t know that I could actually draw portraits on nails until, out of necessity to ease my depression from being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I discovered this talent that I had.

TZ: Why do you think people are so obsessed with nail art?

KS: I think it’s because all of a sudden it has just become mainstream and girls are finding satisfaction in doing their own work rather than paying someone else to do it for them.

TZ: What are you favorite polishes to use?

KS: My favorite brands are OPI, Orly and Essie. I’m into blues and pastel colors right now because pastels are so refreshing and, when you want to feel sophisticated or sexy, you can never go wrong with pastels. And I feel like blue goes with almost any clothing item and the color can really make your hands pop!

TZ: What sort of advise would you give to someone who would like to start experimenting with nail art?

KS: If you have a drive and a passion to start then just go for it. If you can visualize it in your mind then you can draw it on a nail. Practice is key and you should never be afraid to start something because you might be surprise.

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