Thursday, July 21, 2011

Disney Inspired Design's

I had my nails done, because my natural nails unfortunately haven't been growing maybe its my thyroid medication doing this. But anyways i wanted to flaunt the design on pretty nails! My nail salon experience was really good. I got them done at the mall for $20 a little pricey (i hesitated quite a while) but anyways got them done. The guy was friendly and very concentrated on his work. 
He took exactly 35 minutes from start to finish (yes i timed him). 
But overall the nails are very comfortable a little too long for my taste but work exactly for what i needed them. 
For my first design on these nails i went for Maleficent (Snow White Witch) 
Hope you like them.

My acrylic nails

Used: Sally Hansen 'Cafe Au Lait', OPI 'DS Mystery' Nicole by OPI 'My Lifesaver', 'Star of the Party'

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  1. I love it!! the design is so well done and cute~