Friday, March 2, 2012

The Lorax 'Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss'

This has become my favorite theme nail design. 
For the 2nd year straight I give you my Dr. Seuss inspired nail design in honor of his birthday. 
Also given that one of the movies adapted by his books comes out today. 
I decided to kill two birds with one stone by doing the Lorax.

The Lorax was published in 1971. 
'The Lorax' is a creature who tries to save the Truffula trees from being cut down. By the 'Once-Ler' who is building his invention in the land. The Lorax pleads and speaks on behalf of nature.

Inspiration The Lorax

Truffula Trees

from Left to Right
OPI 'No Room for the Blue's', 'Osaka to me Orange', Orly 'Prelude to a Kiss', 'Gumdrop', 
OPI 'Tangerini Bikini', 'Need Sunglasses'

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