Monday, October 3, 2011

Acrylics, Silk Wraps and Gels oh my!

Hey everyone, hope all is well. Thankfully today has been a pretty good day, i have felt better than other days. I'm really trying my best. School is great although i went to sleep supper late last night I woke up today supper happy. Knowing that im going to learn something that i enjoy fills my heart with joy. Today we learned to do silk wraps! I too had always wonder what silk wraps were. Couldn't seem to comprehend how this would be possible until today.

Anyway so most of us know what Acrylic nails look like right? Well i still haven't learned to do the acrylics but from getting them done a couple of months ago i have a basic understanding of how its done.

Acrylics are either sculpted through using powder and acrylic or using a fake tip to sculpt the acrylic. The final product looks amazing. Although the procedure is a bit annoying and destroys your natural nails + the smell is unbearable.

Silk wraps is actually made with real silk already prep for nails. It can be applied on natural nails to help it strength brittle nails. Or it can be applied on top of fake tips (natural or White tip) not only to add strength but to also add length and of course beauty. The process is really cool (i personally have fallen in love with them) and they don't smell a bit + they don't damage your nails as much as the acrylic nails do.

Gels (Soak-off gels) Soak off gels are really awesome as well you can do them 2 ways as well. It can be done on natural nails or again on fake tips. They have a distinct odor to them but not offensive or strong. You apply it just like nail polish but have to cure it under a UV light. It last a lot longer than other nail mediums and the shine is amazing. You can also paint your nails with regular polish an awesome design (drawn, 3D, rhinestones etc...) and you can finish it off by adding just the gel top coat then curing it under the UV lamp and whalaaaa you've got yourself an amazing mani. Gels don't harm natural nails infact you can be using gels while your natural nails grow.

Which ever one of these you choose, you won't be able to tell the difference of how they were made except for gels they feel like soft glass.


  1. Cool! I didn't know that you could paint your nails with regular polish and then use clear gel over them!

  2. Frankenstyna yes I find it so cool to be able to do my own designs my way and then make them last longer than usual.