Thursday, June 23, 2011

Electric Daisy Carnival 2011

So a few of my friends and my brother (Edgar) will be attending the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas this coming up weekend so i decided to do a design just for them. Using the logo of the Daisies and colorful lights hope u like.

China Glaze 'Ghoulish Glow' Review

What better way to compliment this Raver design then glow in the dark nails! Well i was a little hesitant to use China Glaze 'Ghoulish Glow' because almost every single review i have read say's it doesn't work! Well i have just proven them all wrong because it really does work. You just really have to know how to use GLOW in the dark objects. Firs u have to really shake the bottle i mean like crazy (about 20-30 times or after each coat)  took about 12 coats which is a little too much but if u really want it to work then just do it! Once all my nails had the necessary coats  i recharged my nails (ha ha ha sound funny but seriously i did) under a normal light bulb and that automatically did the trick, check out how bright they got! These are definitely raver nails!

that's some serious glow Reminds me of Kriptonite 

here's the bottle 
(sorry so blurry, but my Nikon Coolpix without flash does that)

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